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Currently, the CalGreen checklist varies from city to city. Differences in processing requirements can cause confusion and feel like a drag. We believe this analog system is outdated and that building professionals deserve better.

One Dashboard for All Your CalGreen Projects

Start a new project quickly with the right checklist for your city. View all projects at-a-glance, save your progress, and easily share with your city’s building department.

Track Your Progress

Stay on top of your tasks for CalGreen review. Flag issues and add notes to specific checklist measures within each project. Update records on file with the city.

Customize Your Checklists

Our Project Profile tool pulls the applicable CalGreen measures based on your job’s specific characteristics. This empowers you with a more accurate checklist and reduces corrections from the city.

Reviewed By

Greenmetry can help improve the accuracy of your submissions, which can reduce corrections from the city and save you time in passing your final building inspection.

Streamline your workflow, and save time on managing projects. Save progress, make notes, and easily share your prepared checklists.

Powerful Outcomes For Your Customers

When construction teams need to find a qualified professional to complete their CalGreen compliance verification, they might not know where to turn. Keep Greenmetry by your side to share resources, give demos, answer questions, and instill confidence.

Get Your Occupancy Permit Faster

Greenmetry’s consistent format and integrated support tools can help reduce errors in your checklist submittals, which can save you time in passing your final building inspection.

Strengthen Your Reputation

Prepare and send with Greenmetry to keep all your compliance verification accurate and current. Let your clients know you’re an industry leader in green building code compliance.

Greenmetry is Here for You

Access resources, get customer support, and gain expert advice from our community. Enjoy some peace of mind knowing you have Greenmetry in your corner.