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Generate Your Custom CalGreen Checklist

Greenmetry generates the right checklist for your project based on the city selected, and guides you in determining the applicable requirements based on your project profile. No more hunting through city websites to find the right copy of the checklist, no more cross-referencing to make sure it’s the right version.

Inspire Confidence

Preparing with Greenmetry means consistency, inegrity, and professionalism. Streamline your process, and keep our resources at the ready to answer questions along the way. Become part of a supportive and growing community of CalGreen compliance professionals.

Monitor Projects with Ease

Save time by keeping all your CalGreen reviews in one convenient online dashboard. Reference project status at a glance, flag issues, and add notes so you don’t miss a beat.

Simplify Your Workflow

This platform was designed by and for building professionals to remove pain points in the CalGreen review process. It does the same for city agencies. Save time, boost your efficiency, and get on with your to-do list!

Make your work process
crystal-clear so you can focus on
what’s most important.

Finally, an online home for
all your CalGreen reviews.

Who Uses Greenmetry


Building Professionals &
CalGreen Reviewers

CalGreen reviewers, architectural firms, general contractors, engineering firms, & environmental consultants

Goverment Agencies

Local and state government agencies such as city building departments and state-level agencies with oversight of green building code.

Get Listed in the Provider Directory

The Provider Directory lists providers of CalGreen review services. It is publicly viewable and is here for providers to showcase their offerings and build their professional presence online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greenmetry connects building professionals with city building departments to process CalGreen verifications smoothly. Building professionals who perform CalGreen compliance verification should create an account in order to start new projects, and become a member to access all platform features. The platform offers many output formats for sharing your filled forms with building departments, including as inserts in your plan set. City agencies can view records from applicants via Record Lookup, create a free account to access all records in one place, or enroll as a City Partner to manage all your CalGreen applications online. Learn more about City options here.

Yes! Greenmetry is designed to be a convenient, user-friendly, and effective way to carry out CalGreen review and verification across jurisdictions. Browse our membership options and select the package that is right for you, or start with a free trial. Get listed in our Provider Directory to help new clients to find you.

Yes. A qualified building professional needs to review the project and sign off on compliance. If a member of your team will complete the verification, create an account to start your checklist. If you need to find a third-party reviewer, we have just started a Provider Directory.

If your company performs CalGreen compliance verification, either as a third-party reviewer or as part of a design or build team, you can be listed in the Provider Directory. To publish your profile, you will need the Premium add-on as part of your membership. You can add it at any time from your subscription page or the pricing page.

This directory has just launched! The first ten members to join the Provider Directory are invited to our Founders’ Circle: a group of forward-thinking leaders in the movement to expand and strengthen green building compliance.

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