How should I fill out the verification columns in the checklist?

The verification columns are filled in two stages. Part 1 is completed at the time of permit application. Fill out the first compliance column, Project Requirements. This is to indicate which measures are applicable to the project and that the project will comply with. Also, complete Signature Section 1 – Design Verification and choose a method to share it with the city of jurisdiction at the time of your permit application. 

Part 2 is completed near the end of construction and in advance of your final building inspection. Complete the second and third compliance columns, Verification and Plan Reference. The purpose of the Verification column is to indicate the status of compliance with the measure. The purpose of the Plan Reference column is to indicate where verification of the measure can be found in the plan set. If an item does not have a plan sheet reference, indicate how the item was verified, such as whether it was verified on-site by the reviewer or by referencing other supporting documents. Complete Signature Section 2 – Implementation Verification, and choose a method to share it with the city of jurisdiction in advance of your final building inspection.

When you complete Part 1, your form will be published on Greenmetry and searchable under Record Lookup and will be marked “Registered.” When you complete Part 2, your form on Greenmetry and under Record Lookup will be updated and will be marked “Submitted.” At both stages, remember to choose a method of sharing your checklist with the building department, and make sure your building inspector has received it. Check for communications from the city as to whether they have accepted your form or have requested corrections.