What to Expect on a CalGreen Site Visit

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Wondering what to expect during a CalGreen site visit from an independent reviewer? Here’s what you need to know. Note: This might vary by provider. 

If you are a CalGreen reviewer, do you run your site visits differently? Contact us to share your thoughts.

The purpose of CalGreen site visits is for the CalGreen reviewer to do the following:

  • Ensure that conditions on site match those represented in documentation
  • Gather information that isn’t available in other documentation
  • Bring any compliance issues to the attention of the design and construction team
  • Answer any questions the design and construction team may have

What to expect during a CalGreen review site visit:

  • It’s best to schedule two visits: the first around the time of rough framing, and the second around the time of construction completion/ prior to final building inspection
  • CalGreen reviewer will meet General Contractor on site for 30-60 minutes
  • Reviewer will highlight CalGreen checklist items that need attention
  • General Contractor will give reviewer a site tour and update reviewer on job status
  • Reviewer will gather information through visual checks, by interviewing you and other team members, and by reviewing documents from other vendors
  • Reviewer does not perform functional testing of mechanical or electrical systems
  • Following the site visit, the CalGreen reviewer will report the outcome of the site visit to project managers and supervisors by email.
  • If any compliance issues are found during the site visit, the CalGreen reviewer will provide an Inspection Notice. 

Do you need to find out more about CalGreen code requirements for your construction project? Head to Greenmetry.com for more of the information you need to ensure a successful project completion.

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